Michael Wohlschlaeger

2x Founder/Builder (1 exit), Data Wrangler, Father, Triathlon Sherpa (for my amazing wife)

2021 - today


Founder / Backend Dev
Changing the way AI/ML is built.


AI Research / Consulting

Project Highlights

- Multimodal ensemble (CNN, LSTM, GAN) to match, score, and summarize 450M+ multi-source POI listings down to 60M clean, standardized POI (points-of-interest) listings
- (Pro Bono) Image segmentation model to classify and quantify hurricane debris from drone imagery (accelerating debris removal and minimizing $15M spend)


StyleZen -> Ahalogy

Co-Founder/CEO of Ahalogy
(StyleZen-> pivot-> Ahalogy)
Exited to Quotient Technology (NYSE: QUOT)